About Us


Compensation Data Exchange, LLC (CDX) was formed in 2003 to provide a common platform for insurance carriers and data collection organizations (DCOs) to exchange data that conforms to the industry approved WCIO format. CDX benefits its customers by providing a single location for SFTP configuration and their fully redundant file transmission architecture ensures secure delivery of data to the recipient. In addition to file transmissions, CDX offers its customers products to satisfy DCO policy and unit statistical data reporting requirements as well as products to distribute experience rating information. While many of the DCOs offer data reporting tools on their respective, secured websites, CDX is committed to providing additional options for customers to meet statutory reporting obligations for policy and unit statistical data.

Mission Statement:

CDX enables the secure exchange of transactional workers’ compensation data by providing insurers and their data reporters a common platform for submitting data to and accessing data from DCOs. Specifically, CDX will:

CDX Members: