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  • EXR:  Experience rating worksheet changes for North Carolina

    Effective June 27th, 2020, individual North Carolina experience modification worksheets will no longer be available through the CDX EXR Search tool.  Carriers will still have the ability to receive the daily experience modifier file from CDX via FTP.  Individual North Carolina experience modification worksheets can be obtained using NCRB’s WCRatings tool at  To access the NCRB portal, please contact your NCRB web administrator or
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  • ETR Log Updates


    To improve performance, the ETR Log was revised to only display information on files processed within the last 90 days.  To view historical data, please use the ETR Search feature. 

  • BEEP:  COVID-19 Unit Stat Cause of Injury and Nature of Injury Table Updates – May 30th, 2020


    The Worker’s Compensation Insurance Organization (WCIO) has approved the use of two codes to ensure all claims impacted by the COVID-19 are coded accurately for Unit Stat Reporting.

    The following codes were implemented in the BEEP system:

    • Cause of Injury Code: 83 (Pandemic)
    • Nature of Injury Code: 83 (COVID-19)

    The DCOs are in the process of approving and configuring the use of classification codes for reporting furlough exposure.  Please check with each independent DCO for data reporting guidance.

  • Reminder:  Setup Instructions for WCIndemnity Data Calls


    Carriers that need to configure CDX to transfer WCIndemnity (WCIND) data files to DE, MA, MI, NJ, NY or PA need to complete the following steps:

    1.       Transfer Permissions:  If you are transferring files using SFTP or FTPS, the FTP Account that will be used must be granted Transfer Permissions to the WCIND product.  Likewise, if you are using the ETR Web Upload feature, WCIND Transfer Permissions must be granted to the web user account that will be using this feature. Your Group Administrator can perform this task by accessing the Transfer Permissions page under the Admin | MyUMG menu.

    2.       ETR Notifications:  Your Group Administrator should specify the email address for ETR notifications.  They can configure this by accessing the Admin | MyUMG | Carrier page.  For each carrier within your group, access the ETR Response Setup tab, click the WCIND checkbox and enter the notification email address as well as the # of Days to be used on the ETR Log.

    3.       File Naming Conventions:  Please review the CDX User Guide for information on file naming standards.

    4.       Testing:  If you would like to submit a test file, please contact the independent bureaus to coordinate.  Contact information can be found on the Contact Us page.

    For WCIndemnity submissions to CA, MN, NC and WI, please contact the independent bureaus for instructions.

  • CDX COVID-19 Update

    During these challenging times, we understand that companies are having to make significant adjustments to organizational processes and the location of your resources.  CDX and its Members have shifted to working remotely and are fully staffed to ensure continuation of CDX services.  Should you experience any challenges with your ability to meet DCO data submission deadlines, please contact the independent DCOs by email.  Their email addresses can be found on the CDX Contact page.
  • BEEP Updates


    CDX has resolved the following defects.  Please review to determine if these impacted you:

    Fixes deployed 9PM ET, Friday, March 6th:
    -   Loss Totals:  Loss Totals are now correctly left padded with zeroes in the WCSTAT files if you used the Calculate Totals option on the Loss Totals screen.

    Fixes deployed 9PM ET, Thursday, March 5th:
    -   Loss Totals:  A script was run to fix issues with submission files that did not have left zero padding on Loss Totals.  This issue was only present if a user clicked the Calculate Totals button on Losses and did not subsequently save.
    -   Losses: Sort order of “P” and “R” records
    Exposure: Calculate buttons should only be available for 01/00 reports

    Fixes deployed 9PM ET, Friday, February 28th:
    -   When creating a M-Multiple Record Correction (Excluding Link Data), the system is changing the correction to M-Multiple Record Correction (Including Link Data)

    Fixes deployed 9PM ET, Thursday, February 27th:
    WCSTAT files submitted to bureaus reported the incorrect TYPE OF NON-STANDARD ID CODE in position 161-162.
    Users reporting system error messages when using the Validate USR or Delete Split buttons.  These appeared to only be present when the USR did not have any ‘Above the line’ exposures.
    Exposure: Unable to use the Print USR button.
    Losses: Unable to edit claims when the USR had more than 100 claims

    Fixes deployed after 9PM ET, Tuesday, February 25th:
    Exposure: When clicking the ‘Add Exposure’ button on a USR that has an experience modification, BEEP zeroed out the existing experience modification and the user had to re-enter it. This fix was deployed the evening of February 25th.

    Fixes deployed after 9PM ET, Monday, February 24th:
    Exposure: If a USR had more than one split, the experience mod factor from split 1 was defaulting to split 0. If you created submission files between February 23rd through Monday February 24th, please review that the experience mod factors on split USRs were reported properly.

  • Welcome to the new CDX website!

    We hope that you like the new site design!  If you run into any issues or can't find something that was moved, please don't hesitate to reach out to support at  REMINDER:  FTP transfers will need to convert over to by January 4th, 2020.
  • IMPORTANT:  Significant CDX website and FTP site changes scheduled for Saturday, November 2nd


    CDX is pleased to announce the upcoming rollout of their new website:  This new site will provide improved navigation along with a more modern presentation.  On November 2nd, the CDX website and FTP site will be unavailable and will transition to  After November 2nd, CDX will automatically redirect users to the new site and users should update saved bookmarks and links. 

    FTP users will have until Saturday, January 4th, 2020, to make any associated FTP configuration changes. 



    As of March 2nd, 2019, CDX will no longer support the IDEA-CBC-SHA cipher for the FTPS server. The removal of this cipher is due in part to its security vulnerability as well as to our increased efforts to continue to provide safe and secure transmission of your data. If you are using the IDEA-CBC-SHA cipher, please take the necessary steps to disable it from your FTPS clients or server products before the above stated date to ensure uninterrupted transmission of data to CDX.

  • Single Sign On (SSO) Update

    NJ now joins DE, PA, MA, MI, MN, NC and NY in offering Single Sign On to CDX users.  Please reference the CDX user guide for further instructions for using Single Sign On.