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  • BEEP Update (NEW)


    BEEP experienced an issue Sunday February 23rd through Monday February 24th, with the experience mod factors on split USRs, from imported files. Mod factors on split zero were improperly populated from the imported files. A fix was deployed the evening of February 24th. If submission files were created and submitted February 23rd through Monday February 24th, please review that the experience mod factors on split USRs were reported properly.

    An issue was also found when a user clicks the Add Exposure button in BEEP, on a USR that has an experience modification. BEEP zeros out the existing experience modification. The user must re-enter it. A fix will be in production soon.

    Losses are currently listed in the order of P, then R. An update will be in production soon, to change the order to R, them P.

  • Application Updates Effective 2/23/2020 (NEW)

    BEEP entry and view screens have been updated to improve user experience and make them more consistent with the rest of the CDX application. Refer to the user guide for updated screenshots.
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  • Welcome to the new CDX website!

    We hope that you like the new site design!  If you run into any issues or can't find something that was moved, please don't hesitate to reach out to support at  REMINDER:  FTP transfers will need to convert over to by January 4th, 2020.
  • IMPORTANT:  Significant CDX website and FTP site changes scheduled for Saturday, November 2nd


    CDX is pleased to announce the upcoming rollout of their new website:  This new site will provide improved navigation along with a more modern presentation.  On November 2nd, the CDX website and FTP site will be unavailable and will transition to  After November 2nd, CDX will automatically redirect users to the new site and users should update saved bookmarks and links. 

    FTP users will have until Saturday, January 4th, 2020, to make any associated FTP configuration changes. 

  • Application Update Effective 6/3/2019

    1. Edit for Injury Code 04 added. Checks that Incurred Indemnity Amount is greater than 0 when Injury Code 04 is reported. (Injury Code 04 only applicable on CA, MI and NJ USRs.)


    As of March 2nd, 2019, CDX will no longer support the IDEA-CBC-SHA cipher for the FTPS server. The removal of this cipher is due in part to its security vulnerability as well as to our increased efforts to continue to provide safe and secure transmission of your data. If you are using the IDEA-CBC-SHA cipher, please take the necessary steps to disable it from your FTPS clients or server products before the above stated date to ensure uninterrupted transmission of data to CDX.

  • Single Sign On (SSO) Update

    NJ now joins DE, PA, MA, MI, MN, NC and NY in offering Single Sign On to CDX users.  Please reference the CDX user guide for further instructions for using Single Sign On.